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Confidential Information

Information plays an important role across many areas of society and from a Business perspective can be a valuable asset.

Depending on the situation, it might be necessary to keep certain information out of the public domain by maintaining a level of secrecy. For example, the information might relate to:

  • New products or services yet to be introduced to the market;
  • Technical know-how;
  • Databases;
  • Financial details about an organisation;
  • Etc.
Business owners seeking to keep their information confidential when dealing with third parties may enter into a Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Where a third party (“Receiving Party”) breaches their confidentiality obligations, various remedies maybe available to the affected party (“Disclosing Party”), such as:

  • Breach of contract:
    • the remedies for a breach of the Confidentiality Agreement may be set out in the agreement itself, which could include a right of termination of some other ancillary agreement;
    • damages - a monetary order by the Court to compensate for losses incurred);
    • injunction - being an order of the Court that a third party cease using the confidential information or take some other action;
  • An action in common law referred to as “Breach of Confidence”.
In order for the Disclosing Party to avail themselves of the remedies, certain criteria must be met. For example, in a breach of confidence action there are typically a number of elements that the Courts have said need to be satisfied:
  • The information must have the necessary quality of confidence;
  • The confidential information was improperly disclosed;
  • There was a breach of the obligation of confidence;
  • Damage was suffered by the Disclosing Party by the Receiving Party as a result of the breach of confidence.
The circumstances in each case will determine if a breach has occurred and the remedy available.

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